Chicken Hawk, Chicken Squawk

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Chicken Hawk, Chicken Squawk

Montana Chicken Squawk

It's twofer time:

1) When the Green Bay Packers visited the White House in 1997 following their Super Bowl win, tight end Mark Chmura boycotted the photo op--the outspoken Republican (and purported family values proponent) was disgusted by Bill Clinton's moral and ethical shortcomings. But now Chmura, 31, is facing charges that he sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl (at a boozy post-prom party, no less). The repulsive details are contained in this arrest warrant filed April 10 in Wisconsin's Waukesha County Courthouse. (3 pages)

2) Some weird stuff happens when a guy is denied that extra piece of chicken. Witness what occured after poor Todd Heitkemper's recent paltry poultry experience. As this criminal complaint shows, you might want to avoid the Montana man at Popeye's or KFC. (3 pages)