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Couple Busted Frolicking Atop Water Tower

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Couple Busted Frolicking Atop Water Tower

MAY 19--Meet Brenda Orme and John Meyers.

The Louisiana couple got nabbed last Friday when they tried to have sex atop a water tower more than 200 feet above the ground. Meyers, 44, told Slidell cops that he and Orme, 45, wanted to get busy "on top of the world."

We know this thanks to the amusing press release work of Lt. Rob Callahan. Along with his initial report on the bust, we've included Callahan's entertaining update, which includes a quip from his boss, Chief Freddy Drennan: "I guess this is the poor man's version of the 'mile high club.'"

Meyers and Orme each face criminal trespass and disturbing the peace charges. (3 pages)