Cowpokes Pan Warhol's Perversions

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Cowpokes Pan Warhol's Perversions

The good folks in Oracle, Arizona (pop.The good folks in Oracle, Arizona (pop. 3043) probably still talk about the time Andy Warhol and his Factory cohorts (Viva, Joe Dallesandro, Taylor Mead, etc.) rode into town to film "Lonesome Cowboys," the late artist's wild version of a Western. The film was so outrageous--by 1968 standards, mind you--that the FBI investigated Warhol for possible obscenity violations (he was cleared after G-men viewed the film). In the course of the FBI probe, agents interviewed locals about the Warhol gang's cinematic activities at Oracle's Rancho Linda Vista Guest Ranch. The following bureau reports contain the hilarious observations of five Arizonans exposed to a panoply of perversions:

Pages 1-2: Large-headed man was kissed on lips!

Page 3: 15-year-old boy sees sexual perversion!

Page 4: Teenager: Naked men used foul language!

Pages 5-6: Horseman: Hippie wore panties on his hat!

Page 7: Ranch owner: Warhol bunked with big sissy!

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Here's a beaut from TSG's Dumb Criminal Archive.