Cops: Intruders Made Eggs At Denny's At 3 AM

If identified, duo faces trespassing, theft raps

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Denny's Intrusion

APRIL 22--Two intruders entered a closed Denny’s restaurant yesterday and made themselves eggs before being chased from the eatery by a worker who had been alerted to the predawn trespassing, Indiana police report.

According to cops, the two offenders first entered the Denny’s in Evansville at 2:02 AM and “went into the kitchen and prepared some eggs.” The duo departed a few minutes later, but returned to at 2:58 AM and “made some more eggs” before departing Denny's at 3:04 AM.

A police report notes that the pair did not force entry into the eatery--which closed at 11 PM--and that “the door seemed to be open both times.”

After the duo made their second entry, a Denny’s worker “arrived on scene, confronted them, and told them to leave.” The report does not indicate how the worker became aware of the intrusion.

The suspects, who departed the area in an auto, were recorded inside the Denny’s by surveillance cameras. If identified, the pair could face misdemeanor theft and criminal trespass charges, cops say.

The report indicates that Denny’s (seen below) suffered a “total estimated loss” of $1, which appears to represent the cost of the purloined eggs. (1 page)