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How To Discipline Black Kids? Mom Says “Beat Them”

Indiana woman busted after beating daughter, 7


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Child Discipline

SEPTEMBER 6--An Indiana mother who was spotted at a bus stop using a belt to discipline her seven-year-old daughter defended her actions to a policeman, explaining to the cop that he “did not know how to discipline black kids. You have to beat them."

Responding to a 911 call last night, a Speedway Police Department officer found Latoya Price, 28, and her crying child at the bus stop. Price, who was yelling at the girl, told police that she began striking her daughter with a belt after the girl stole “a pack of gum from the gas station.”

After an officer noted that “it might not be the best location to discipline her child,” Price allegedly responded by poking the girl in the head and telling her, “Fine I’ll beat you when we get home,” according to a police report.

Pictured in the above mug shot, Price was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct after she “continued to get more upset causing a large disturbance” and ignored repeated police directions to calm down. It was at this point when Price told Officer Benjamin Rupenthal that he “did not know how to discipline black kids. You have to beat them."

Price, who was booked into the Marion County jail, is scheduled for a September 12 court appearance. Her daughter was placed in the custody of child protective services officials since the girl’s father, James Motley, 28, was arrested at the bus stop on an open bench warrant. (3 pages)