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Doctor Feel Up

Florida physician facing charges as serial fondler of patients

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Doctor Feel Up

APRIL 25--A Florida doctor regularly fondled and groped female patients in an exam room where routine visits turned into sexual assaults, police charge.

Kayode Sotonwa, 42, is charged with inappropriately touching nine patients in his Largo office over the past year, according to arrest affidavits, several of which you'll find on these pages.

In one instance, investigators allege, Sotonwa told a patient that she had a urinary tract infection and needed to 'take it easy on the sex.' When the woman said that she was abstinent and did not believe she had an infection, Sotonwa directed her to remove her pants and underwear.

The woman told cops that she thought Sotonwa was going to 'feel her abdomen,' but instead touched her clitoris with an ungloved hand and advised, 'This is your clit.' He then allegedly inserted his fingers in her vagina and stated, 'This is your vagina.'

After initially being charged with assaulting four patients, Sotonwa was hit yesterday with additional counts involving his alleged abuse of five other female patients. Sotonwa, pictured in the above mug shot, was released on bail last night from the Pinellas County jail.

Sotonwa, who has practiced for nearly 20 years, could face more charges since police are urging other patients to come forward if they had similarly creepy encounters with him. (4 pages)