"Don Vito" Dirty Details

Court transcript details sex case against bloated MTV personality

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"Don Vito" Dirty Details

FEBRUARY 15--Turns out that MTV personality Vincent "Don Vito" Margera's lewd behavior was not limited to allegedly groping teenage girls during an autograph session last August in Colorado.

A cop testified earlier this month that when she and her female partner busted the 50-year-old Margera, he called them "psycho bitches" and claimed that he was being arrested because, "you want me to lick your pussy later." Margera, who was a regular on MTV's "Viva La Bam" and appeared on "Jackass," both of which starred his nephew Bam, also remarked that, "your pussy must be so tight you can't even smile," recalled Melissa Mayne, a cop with the City of Lakewood Police.

Mayne, her partner Jennifer Dougherty, and Detective Michelle Stone-Principato were the only witnesses during a February 1 preliminary hearing in Jefferson County District Court. During that court appearance, investigators provided the first details of the felony sexual assault case against Margera, who is being represented by Pamela Mackey, who successfully defended Kobe Bryant against rape charges.

As detailed in the transcript excerpts you'll find on the following pages, Margera is facing charges that he touched the breasts and buttocks of three girls who attended a promotional event at a mall skate park. At the time of the incident, two of the alleged victims were 12 and a third girl was 14.

A fourth girl, aged 14, denied to police that she was pawed by Margera, though Stone-Principato recovered a photo from the child's cell phone that was titled "Don Vito Grabby Titty." One of the younger girls told police that as she got Margera's autograph, he grabbed her breast and remarked, "Big boob."

We've divided the hearing transcript into two parts. Here you'll find Mayne's testimony on Margera's vulgar post-arrest statements. That is followed by Stone-Principato's testimony about her interviews with the young victims.

Following the court hearing, a judge ruled that probable cause existed to try Margera on three counts of sexual assault on a child. A fourth count, involving the girl with the cell phone photo, was dismissed for insufficient evidence. Margera is scheduled for a March 5 arraignment. (21 pages)