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Dreading One's Mug Shot

Colorfully coiffed man kicks off booking photo roundup

mug shot roundup

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Dreading One's Mug Shot

MAY 28--Not every arrestee can pull off the Rainbow Coalition of rubber bands seen in the hairdo of the 20-year-old Idahoan who starts off this week's mug shot roundup (he was nabbed yesterday for obstructing law enforcement).

A few notes about the balance of bustees: 1) Amazingly, the 19-year-old Pennsylvanian on page #3 was not collared for pot possession. He was popped Monday for terroristic threats, among other charges; 2) The Florida gentleman, 49, on page #7 was jailed for driving without a license. His first name is actually Jasmin; and 3) Yes, that is a tattoo of a chimpanzee peeking out from underneath the t-shirt of the 33-year-old Minnesota man on page #11. The identity of the primate (as well as that of the adjacent woman) is unknown. (16 pages)