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Florida Man Shoots Low Rider

Cops: 18-year-old plugged after being told to pull up saggy pants

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Florida Man Shoots Low Rider

JUNE 24--A Florida man shot a teenager after ordering him to pull up his sagging pants, according to police. John Constantin, 54, was arrested Saturday afternoon after allegedly shooting David Mitchell, 18, once in the stomach.

According to witnesses, Constantin directed Mitchell to pull up his pants while he followed the teenager in the courtyard of his Jacksonville apartment building. After Mitchell asked Constantin why he was trailing him, the pair began to scuffle. During the confrontation, Constantin shot Mitchell with a small caliber handgun (the teen was later released from the hospital with the slug still in his side).

Constantin, who works at Light Bulb Depot, told cops that he ordered Mitchell to pull his pants up, 'but then the victim assaulted him.' As he was being transported to jail, Constantin told a cop, 'This is bullshit' and that, 'an innocent man is going to jail just because I was just protecting myself.'

Constantin, pictured in the mug shot at left, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, a felony. He may also face a drug rap pending lab results on a 'white rock like substance' that field tested positive for crack cocaine. (2 pages)