Cops: Daughter Battered Dad In Sex Toy Dispute

Victim, 50, opened daughter's Amazon package

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Toy Battery

APRIL 7--The delivery yesterday of an Amazon package containing a sex toy triggered a domestic confrontation that resulted in the arrest of an 18-year-old Floridian for allegedly battering her father, according to court records.

Police say that the 50-year-old victim opened a package addressed to his daughter, Victoria Marson, and discovered that it contained a “strap on dildo.” The man, “surprised by what was inside,” then “confronted his daughter in reference to this package,” an arrest affidavit states.

Marson “became enraged and was very upset,” cops report. When her father tried to grab her as she walked away, Marson “began to kick and punch him several times in his face.” Before departing the family’s Vero Beach residence, the teen reportedly told her father, “I’m going to kill you. I hate you.”

The victim had “some visible bruising on his right cheek” and a scrape on his nose, which cops said were consistent with his account of being pummeled. Asked if Marson had previously “assaulted or battered” him, the man answered yes, according to a police questionnaire.

Marson, whose occupation is listed as “Sales Person” in court and jail records, was arrested last night for domestic battery, a misdemeanor. She was released from the county jail this afternoon on her own recognizance and is scheduled for arraignment on May 3. (2 pages)