Foxy Felon Mug Shots

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Foxy Felon Mug Shots

FEBRUARY 14--Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect time to reprise one of TSG's favorite photo features, our collection of "Foxy Felon" mug shots. Men, if you're still looking for that perfect lady, these gals are ready to steal your heart--and your car stereo. But, seriously, we're sure these young women are now on the straight and narrow and have reformed their felonious ways. Really.

Just when we were beginning to think that most female felons looked like a cross between Kathy Bates and Burt Young, TSG came across these mug shots of some girls gone really bad (we like to call them "foxy felons"). In fact, each gal is only 18 years old--so these teen terrors virtually have their whole criminal careers in front of them. Once TSG gathers up a few dozen more, we'll launch (8 pages)

FOXY FELONS II: Yeah, we did a second installment