(Frat) Boys Will Be (Frat) Boys

Nine Delta Chi pledges in trashing of Colorado Super 8 Motel rooms

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(Frat) Boys Will Be (Frat) Boys

FEBRUARY 19--In what could give fraternities everywhere a bad name, a Delta Chi chapter in Colorado has been suspended after nine of its underage pledges were arrested early Sunday for allegedly trashing motel rooms that police found strewn with broken furniture and splattered with blood and vomit.

Oh, and there was the matter of a coffee pot that had somehow been filled with urine.

The young University of Colorado arrestees--seen in Larimer County Sheriff's Office mug shots--ransacked a pair of Super 8 rooms, causing more than $1,000 in damages, according to Estes Park cops, who confronted the students at about 2:30 AM Sunday morning.

The freshmen pledges were dropped off at the motel by 'older fraternity members and told to get to know each other,' according to a police press release which details room damages and notes that, 'Bottles of liquor and a keg of 'Keystone Light' beer were found on scene.'

The pledges, who were apparently imbibing, were charged with felony criminal mischief and underage drinking (since the wannabe frat boys were between 18 and 20). Delta Chi's national headquarters has suspended the fraternity's University of Colorado chapter pending an internal investigation. (6 pages)