Cops: Frozen Sausage Used In Domestic Assault

Kentucky man charged with striking girlfriend

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Sausage Assault

JANUARY 24--A Kentucky man is facing felony charges for allegedly striking his girlfriend in the head with a frozen sausage log, according to court records.

Derek Kiesler, 24, was arrested earlier this month following a violent confrontation in the Bardstown home he shares with the victim and the couple’s nine-month-old child.

Police allege that Kiesler struck his girlfriend “several times in the face and arms” and even hit the baby, “busting the child’s chin.”

After dragging the woman down a hallway, Kiesler “grabbed a frozen log of sausage from the freezer and struck her in the head with it.” When the woman sought to dial 911, Kiesler smashed her fingers until she dropped the phone, cops charge.

Kiesler fled the residence before police arrived, but was arrested six hours later. He reportedly confessed to striking the woman, but claimed that he “wasn’t in control of himself” and that the victim “had pushed him to do it.”

Seen above, Kiesler was charged with domestic violence, child abuse, and wanton endangerment. He spent a week in the Nelson County jail before being released Thursday after posting $5000 cash bail. (1 page)