God Is My Co-Worker

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God Is My Co-Worker

Lewinsky's TSG Hat

In most workplaces, if an employee participated in the "laying on of hands," they would probably be disciplined. But not at Florida's BSG Laboratories, where all sorts of strange behavior was commonplace, according to this lawsuit filed late last year by Rosamaria Machado-Wilson, a former BSG worker. While most of the religious stuff described in this lawsuit excerpt seems nuts, The Smoking Gun does happen to agree that the Devil is the shadowy force behind Halloween.(6 pages)

Thank you, Monica Lewinsky! You could imagine The Smoking Gun's delight when we spotted the acronym emblazoned on Monica's headgear as she scrambled back to Washington this past weekend for more grilling. Where that black beret once sat, she wore a baseball cap with the letters "TSG." Sure, that might stand for something other than The Smoking Gun, but we're gonna assume it was Lewinsky's secret sign of devotion to her favorite web site. (1 page)