DOCUMENT: Roundups

Good Grief!

Snoopy caught in compromising position in new mug shot roundup

MARCH 27--That grating ShamWow guy would have made this week's mug shot roundup, but his booking photo was snapped early last month (and we just obtained it today).

But there are plenty of winners in here: 1) Charles M. Schulz would not be happy to discover where Snoopy's tongue is situated on the 18-year-old arrestee on page #3. He was nabbed Tuesday for grand theft; 2) No, that is not Rachel Dratch on page #4. The comedian's twin was popped Thursday for drunk driving; 3) The 22-year-old Arizona man on page #5 has a low opinion of women, though appears down for his own shit; and 4) Three members of the Santana family--including twins Gregorio (left) and Felix (right)--were arrested yesterday for domestic battery. On each other, it seems. (14 pages)