Grandpa Needs A Shiv: Fogeys, Part II

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Felonious Fogeys, Part II

While many people consider senior citizens valuable members of their community, sage men and women whose experience, wisdom, and advice is to be cherished, well, TSG knows better than that. Because despite their wrinkled skin, snowy hair, and advanced age, these relics are a much nastier bunch than you'd think.

We recently posted an array of Florida mug shots showing that the Sunshine State's prison population is stocked with geezers serving time for everything from murder to witness intimidation. Below you'll find another collection of photos of felonious fogeys, cons spending their golden years in lockups in Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, and Arkansas.

This crew's combined rap sheet includes convictions for murder, drug trafficking, child abuse, robbery, theft, and marijuana possession. So, kids, please ignore all parental pleas to "start acting like your elders."

Click here for a gallery of pinched pensioners.