Female Jail Guards In Grope Session Arrest

Uniformed duo faces public indecency rap

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Groping Guards

APRIL 11--Two uniformed female corrections officers were found in the backseat of a parked car with their trousers unzipped and “their hands down the other’s pants” early Sunday morning, according to Colorado police whose first attempt at separating the duo was ignored by the lovebirds.

Denver cops were alerted to the groping pair by a passerby around 5:30 AM. The women were in the rear of a silver Kia that was parked in a lot adjacent to a 7-Eleven.

When a patrolman initially shined a flashlight into the auto, the women did not cease making out. It was only after a second officer directed his patrol car lights on the Kia that the pair separated and began putting their clothes on.

Cops subsequently identified the women as Sarah Kate Ippolito, 26, and Mary Jane Torrez, 37. Both were “wearing their blue Department of Corrections uniforms,” according to a probable cause statement.

Ippolito (seen above) and Torrez work at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, which is about two miles from the parking lot where they were busted for public indecency. The women were each scheduled for a shift that began at 6 AM Sunday.

Cops noted that the Kia was parked in a “well lit area” and that “The act was visible from all the windows of the vehicle.”

Ippolito and Torrez are due in court next month in connection with the misdemeanor case. (1 page)