Is That A Glock In Your Pocket, Young Man?

Cops: Suspect claimed to be packing (but not a pistol)

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Hidden Glock

MARCH 8--It was when the police pat down reached his groin region that Michael Phillips offered an explanation for the hard item in his underwear.

“That’s my dick,” the 20-year-old Florida Man told a deputy with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

But it was not, in fact, Phillips's dick, according to an arrest report.

Phillips, who was a passenger in a stolen 2015 Chevrolet Equinox that got pulled over Saturday night in St. Petersburg, was actually packing a Glock 23 holding a magazine with 22 rounds.

According to the gun’s manufacturer, the Glock has a four-inch barrel and an overall length of 7.36 inches.

After being read his rights, Phillips reportedly copped to owning the gun in his drawers. Phillips said he received the Glock as a gift, and carried the semi-automatic pistol “for protection.” In addition to the magazine in the gun, Phillips was also in possession of a second magazine holding 23 rounds.

Pictured above, Phillips was arrested for illegally carrying a concealed firearm, a felony. He was released yesterday from the county jail on his own recognizance.

The vehicle’s driver, Kyleigh Lynn Bartley, 19, remains behind bars. She has been charged with grand theft auto, a felony, and several misdemeanor counts. (1 page)