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Ho Suk Kim Busted. Guess Why?

Mug shot roundup kicks off with tribute to Valentine's Day

mug shot roundup

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Ho Suk Kim Busted. Guess Why?

FEBRUARY 13--Love was in the air (or at least the precinct) when the below arrestees posed for their booking photos, which kick off this Valentine's Day-themed edition of our weekly mug shot roundup.

A few notes about the other images: 1) As hard as it may be to believe, the gentleman on page #4 was charged yesterday with killing his girlfriend's cat. Along with his most recent photo (far right), the suspect, 22, is seen in two other mug shots taken during the past 15 months; 2) The massage parlor employee on page #8 was arrested Wednesday for prostitution after allegedly offering undercover cops oral services for $150. The 44-year-old arrestee is named Ho Suk Kim; and 3) The octogenarian Louisianian on page #12 was nabbed this week for drunk driving. (15 pages)