A Horrifying Hit And Run

Chante Mallard

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A Horrifying Hit And Run

Chante Mallard was "messed up on X pills" and driving her 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier when, by her own account, "I hit this white man."

What happened after that Fort Worth, Texas accident is detailed in a horrifying affidavit filed in support of a murder charge just leveled against the 25-year-old woman.

Prosecutors allege that after Mallard struck Greg Glenn Biggs, a 37-year-old homeless man, she continued driving with the victim "sticking halfway into the passenger compartment through the windshield." When Mallard reached her home, she left the car in her garage--with Biggs still encased in the windshield. He would die there two days later.

Police say Mallard, a nurse's aide, ignored Biggs's repeated pleas for help. (8 pages)

The scariest mug shot. Ever.