Howard Stern: Demanding

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Howard Stern: Demanding

When Howard Stern hammered out this $1.5 million deal to appear in the movie "Jane," he made one thing perfectly clear: "The hair personnel shall be first priority to Artist."

That's one of the highlights of this agreement, filed recently in the Los Angeles Superior Court action brought by the DJ against the film's producers.

The picture, which was to feature Stern opposite Melanie Griffith, was shelved last year when its financing collapsed. But Stern wants the $1.5 million promised him in this document.

Along with provisions for his billing, hair & makeup, and travel, The Smoking Gun loves Howie's decree that, "No other cast member shall receive a more favorable trailer or amenities." Also, if we were Ralph Cirella, Stern's loyal man-servant, we'd be a bit pissed for only rating coach accommodations when the "hair person" scores business class. (5 pages)