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Hype & Crosby

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Rodman-Electra Marriage

Hype & Crosby

Yes, it's another 2-for-1 special at The Smoking Gun!

Click here for the marriage license of Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra (real name: Tara Patrick). The lovebirds were just hitched in Las Vegas, where totes have set the union's over/under at 8 months. (1 page)

Below you will find a sampling of letters received decades ago by young Marie Manovill, a pen pal of many celebrities. A large cache of Manovill's letters was discovered earlier this year at a New York City flea market by Gloria Burleson of Dallas. Burleson paid $5 for an old suitcase stuffed with what the dealer thought was worthless old papers. What Burleson discovered, though, were dozens of letters to the starstruck Manovill from the likes of Bing Crosby, Oscar Hammerstein, Johnny Mercer, Peggy Lee, and Damon Runyon. Following Manovill's death, her possessions were kept in a storage facility, but then apparently sold off when bills went unpaid. Here are a couple of letters from lyricist/hipster Mercer and the result of Manovill's queries about, of all things, Der Bingle's hat purchases. TSG thanks Burleson for providing us with these documents. (5 pages)