Job Blown, John Sought Refund

Oklahoma man wanted money back after hooker tryst went bust

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Job Blown, John Sought Refund

OCTOBER 12--Meet Corey Hovis and Megan Mullins.

The Oklahoma residents are scheduled for an October 20 District Court appearance on a pending misdemeanor lewdness case. They were arrested earlier this year when a cop spotted Mullins, 18, performing a sex act on the 31-year-old Hovis (who was in the driver's seat of his pickup truck at the time).

When advised that he was under arrest, Hovis asked Officer Kristi Ceder "what that meant," according to an Oklahoma City Police Department report. Ceder told Hovis--who apparently was unaware of prohibitions against prostitution--that "it was against the law to pick up a female for a date and engaged in oral sex."

At that point, Ceder noted, Hovis "asked if I could get his money back." The officer replied that she could not secure a refund for the interrupted paid liaison. (3 pages)