Landmarks In Law Enforcement

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Landmarks In Law Enforcement

Some assorted paper:

1) Hey, at least those federal agents had a search warrant when they yanked lil' Elian out of the closet.But while Janet Reno spoke of guns possibly being stashed in Uncle Lazaro's crib, this INS affidavit in support of the warrant makes no such claim, just that the Cuban boy was being "unlawfully restrained." At Waco, of course, Reno cited reports of child abuse asa reason to raid the Branch Davidian compound.

2) Dopey criminals, don't you just love 'em?

3) Call TSG silly, but the conspiracy alleged in the following FBI memo sure seems plausible to us. We're just surprised that Ms. Hurtado wasn't able to weave the World Bank or International Monetary Fund into her star chamber narrative. (4 pages)

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