Rabbi's Kids In Leniency Plea For Matchmaker Dad

Airplane molester faces six months at sentencing

Airplane Passenger

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Rabbi Bidany Letters

MAY 11--With their rabbi father facing a maximum of six months in prison for molesting a female passenger on an international flight, three of the man’s adult children have written a federal judge claiming that if their father gets incarcerated their chances of finding a spouse via the matchmaking process would be hindered.

In advance of Gavriel Bidany’s sentencing tomorrow morning, three of his 11 children have written letters to Magistrate Judge Ramon Reyes seeking leniency for their father, an Israeli citizen. Bidany, pictured at right in a United States Marshals Service mug shot, was convicted last week of assaulting a 23-year woman on a March 27 Delta Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to New York City.

In a filing Monday, federal prosecutors asked Reyes to sentence Bidany to six months in prison for the misdemeanor conviction. Bidany’s lawyer countered yesterday with a sentencing memorandum requesting that he be spared incarceration and be allowed to serve any probation term imposed in Israel.

Included in Bidany’s memo were the letters from the three children, which make it seem as if their father is facing years, not a few months, in prison.

Avishar Bidany noted that he was 21 “and I need to start my own family. I can’t wait for that moment. And without my dad, it is impossible.” With his father gone, he added, “It would hurt my match making possibilities.”

Asking Reyes to “send us back our beloved Daddy,” Eden Bidany, 22, reported that she had reached the age “where I need to find a groom and start a family. And without my father it is very difficult.” She added, “This could harm my match making process--starting a home. My whole future depends on it.”

Like his siblings, Ariel Bidany, 21, contended that he needed to find a spouse, get hitched, and start a family. “When my father is not with me, it is going to be very hard, and would hurt my match making. I would like to get married properly with my father at my side please.” (3 pages)

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He looks like Dennis Hopper in a stunt beard.
Those adult children are idiots. Don't they feel creeped out by what their dad did? They have no morals. What a bunch of kosher losers.
I laughed harder about the claims from a previous "defense worker" I assume attorney...talking about getting cash in brown paper sacks for his "legal" assistance. The only thing more grotesque than molesting sleeping people is necrophilia and attorneys who make jokes about all the illegal acts they will do to defend said molesters and the like. Thanks for the laughs, acarsaid, not funny ha-ha, but funny in that no such thing as justice any more kinda way. Money buys immunity from laws that the rest of us are expected to follow.
OK, he was found guilty, convicted and sentenced, at the tax payer's expense, now he'll have to go though deportation removal hearing, once again at the tax payer's expense, after he does his six months in jail. No wonder why our taxes keep going higher...litigating crap like this
You are kidding, right? Please, God - whether he/she is the one recognized by this off breed cult - please, God, be kidding. When I did defense work - my kid does it now, better than I did - I never had to deal with a bunch of crazies who thought I should put up a plea like this (I hope counsel set his fee properly - had this crowd come in, and asked me to represent papa, and were persuasive enough i.e., enough large numbers were involved and, what the hell, the rent (mine) was due - maybe I could have kept a straight face (the numbers being the count of how many hundred dollar bills the clan brought to the office in a brown paper bag) But if there is any evidence post-sentencing that the judge bought into this then the next proceeding is an impeachment Seriously - it is stuff like this - and goyim like me being intolerant of it, and then being labeled anti-semitic (wait - you'll see - it probably won't take an hour) - nothing good will come of it. But at the bottom it is the fact that too many people will agree that the rabbi has a point - the kids ought to lose their American passports, and then maybe they will be happy with their situation
Oh come on guys! The poor fella's a matchmaker - like you've never gone shopping for loved ones and "squeezed the melons" to make sure you served them the best...
What awful, selfish and self-serving letters. Their sense of entitlement comes through loud and clear. I hope this guy goes to a US-based PMITA prison ASAP.
Those poor, precious adult will they ever learn to molest people without their father's guidance? Don't let this pious trash serve less than six months!
11 CHILDREN! Egad. Maybe he was just trying to instead be a rabbit and find another hole to bolt into? Then again, rabbits do breed like... rabbits. btw: love bubba-thump's remarks.
Maybe dad should have thought about the consequences of his actions. Pretty lame excuse to get their father off easy.
"Arranged" or DEranged?
“where I need to find a groom and start a family. And without my father it is very difficult.” - Marry the first guy to randomly grab your...
lock his sick a$$ up no special treatment for this schmuck
No problem, the kids just need to take a few plane rides. I'm sure they'll find true love, just as their father has done. Serving his 6 months sentence in Israel is NOT a punishment that is suitable. Jail the neanderthal in the USA. And, I seriously doubt that he hasn't done something like this before in the USA, and other countries. He should be investigated. Truthfully, for the "kids". Find your own spouses. Hire your own matchmaker if you have to, as obviously, your father's judgement is lacking. Or in short... GROW UP !!! BE AN ADULT !