Lunchtime Raids Net 15 Strippers

Lunchtime raids net 15 strippers in Tampa-area clubs


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Lunchtime Raids Net 15 Strippers

JULY 29--In a lunchtime undercover operation, Florida cops yesterday busted 15 strippers on a variety of criminal charges, including prostitution and exposure of a sexual organ. The arrests came at five different gentlemen's clubs (Bare Assets, Lollipops, Extasy, Brass Flamingo, and Calendar Girls) along U.S. Highway 19 in the Tampa area.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, previous operations were carried out at night, but since the strip clubs were packed during lunch (and the talent was rather, um, frisky), the midday raid was planned.

Fourteen of the arrestees posed for mug shots, which you'll find here (make sure to click on each image to see the following booking photo). It is unclear if any of the charged offenses occurred in a Champagne Room. (14 pages)

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6,10,12,13 &14 clearly belong on the day shift.
If the cops want Lap Dances, why can't they just pay for them like everybody else does?
Number 1 is smoking hot!
Most of these strip clubs are simply fronts for prostitution. The girls take the guy into a room for a 'lap dance' and lock the door and illegal activity takes place.
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I know this was a few years ago, but I'm just reading it tonight. You know what I don't get? The offense of "Exposure" a strip club!
They just dont seem to understand that strippers are strippers
Strip clubs are not illegal so they go for these other kinds of arrests to get around it. In some jurisdictions in Florida they have these weird laws like revoking the alcohol license in strip clubs meaning they can only serve juice or pop which is why you see some women in these busts getting arrested for serving alcohol.