Cops: Suspect Hid Drugs Next To McNuggets

Meth, fentanyl stashed with McDonald's grub

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McNuggets Meth

SEPTEMBER 2--A search of a Chicken McNuggets container yielded baggies of methamphetamine and fentanyl that were nestled alongside the McDonald’s fried delights, according to Florida police who arrested an alleged poultry/narcotics enthusiast on felony charges.

During a 3:15 AM encounter yesterday at an extended stay hotel in Largo, a Tampa suburb, cops searched a backpack in the possession of Eric Little, a 34-year-old whose rap sheet includes convictions for assault, narcotics possession, and violating probation.

Investigators found a used syringe inside the backpack, along with a container of Chicken McNuggets. An examination of the container revealed that it “held McNuggets & approx. 7.5 grams of methamphetamine” and “a bag of fentanyl” weighing 1.3 grams, according to court affidavits.

Little, seen above, was arrested on a pair of felony narcotics possession charges and a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia count. He was freed last night from the county jail after posting $4150 bond.

Little, whose employer is listed in police records as an assisted living facility, is scheduled for a September 5 court appearance.

While the meth and fentanyl were seized as evidence, Little’s Chicken McNuggets appear to have been discarded. (2 pages)