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Mug Shot Karma

Everyone in this week's roundup has it, some more than others

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SEPTEMBER 12--As you peruse this week's mug shot roundup, keep in mind a few things: 1) Good karma apparently was lacking for the two perps on page #4; 2) If the tattoo on the arrestee on page #6 was any lower, the photo would be NSFW; 3) The 22-year-old woman on page #8 has been arrested four times in the last six months, most recently on September 9. All for driving without a license (or with a revoked one); 4) The 'Superbad' fan on page #11 was nabbed for obstructing a police officer; and 5) It is unclear whether a recent trespassing collar will cause the guy on page #17 to be bounced from the prestigious National Honor Society. (17 pages)