Naked Taco Bell Fan Nabbed In Drive-Thru

Cops: Oklahoman, 61, claimed clothes were in wash

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Taco Bell Perv

AUGUST 31--An Oklahoma man arrested Saturday night for going through a Taco Bell drive-thru naked told police that all his clothes were in the wash and that he was unaware such nude motoring was illegal, records show.

According to investigators, Christopher Sale, 61, “placed an order through the drive thru lane speaker” at a Taco Bell (seen above) about two miles from his Oklahoma City residence.

When Sale subsequently pulled his 2021 Ford Ranger to the drive-thru window to pay for his order, a 41-year-old female employee “looked into his vehicle and immediately noticed that he was completely naked,” according to a police report.

Despite Sale’s nudity, the Taco Bell worker accepted payment from him and gave him his food. However, the employee told police that she believed Sale then sought to extend the encounter by asking her to add a taco to his already completed order.

The worker told cops that she had “no desire to continue any contact” with the nude Taco Bell patron, and “asked another employee to complete the contact.”

The second worker, a 26-year-old woman, provided Sale with the additional taco. She, too, told police of “clearly and easily” seeing Sale’s genitals from her perch in the drive-thru window.

After receiving the extra taco, Sale “still did not leave and asked her for additional sauces,” which she provided. Sale then asked the Taco Bell worker for more napkins. He then pulled away in his pickup truck.

But Sale immediately returned to the order speaker and “asked for even more sauces.” Both of the female victims said they believed Sale “wanted to continue the exposer incident.” A cop concurred, writing that, “Sale came to this restaurant naked with the intent of allowing himself to be seen naked especially his genital area.”

A patrolman responding to a 911 call about a naked Taco Bell customer found Sale in the drive-thru lane. He was still completely nude. A white bath towel, a cop noted, was on the vehicle's passenger side floorboard.

While being detained around 9 PM, Sale reportedly claimed that, “I didn’t know it was against the law to drive naked.” He told a patrolman that “his clothes were all in the washer and he got hungry.”

While en route to jail, Sale “talked almost non-stop...about how unfair the situation was,” claiming that his genital area was “covered with a green towel the entire time.”

Charged with felony indecent exposure, Sale was booked into the Oklahoma County jail. He was released yesterday from custody after posting $2000 bond. (2 pages)