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Nose In The Joint

A dozen perps with beaten beaks kick off roundup

mug shot roundup

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Nose In The Joint

SEPTEMBER 11-Our mug shot roundup begins this week with a dozen arrestees who nose something about getting dinged during the arrest process.

As for the other unusual suspects, a few notes: 1) The Maryland man, 49, on page #3 was nabbed for committing a sex assault while he performed a massage on a customer. It is unclear why he was photographed in his shades; 2) The sisters on page #4 were arrested together last Sunday on felony conspiracy and battery charges. The California girls are aged 20 (photo at left) and 18; and 3) The beaming bustee on page #10 was collared in January on a bench warrant (photo at left) and jailed again on Wednesday in a California lockup. (15 pages)