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"Not Tonight, Honey" Bust

Louisiana man gets fat lip for refusing to have sex with girlfriend

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"Not Tonight, Honey" Bust

DECEMBER 10--Meet Brittany Phillips.

Early Saturday morning, the 19-year-old Louisiana woman wanted some sex from her boyfriend. But Todd Stewart, 35, was apparently not in the mood. In fact, he tried to push Phillips off of him in the bedroom of the pair's West Monroe home.

That much the couple can agree upon, according to Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office reports. Phillips claims Stewart became violent after rebuffing her advances. Stewart told an investigator that he left the bedroom to sleep on a living room couch, but that Phillips 'would not leave him alone.' At some point, he added, things got physical and he was stabbed in the lower lip with 'a long metal object which appeared to be a knife.'

For her part, the frisky Phillips acknowledged to Deputy Shane Smith that she struck Stewart, but said it was done 'to protect herself.' Phillips, pictured in her mug shot, was charged with aggravated battery, while a bloody Stewart, seen here, was charged with simple battery.

Phillips was also booked on a pair of outstanding warrants, for simple battery and damage to property. (4 pages)

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Bet he gives it up next time.