Boy Trashed Mom's Car Over Seized Phone

Child, 13, was punished for refusing to clean room

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Boy Trashes Car

APRIlL 13--An Ohio boy was arrested Friday for trashing his mother’s car after she took away his cell phone as punishment for refusing to clean his room, police say.

As detailed in a Dayton Police Department report, the 13-year-old initially spit on his mother and threw a Gatorade bottle at his stepfather before running out of the family’s residence and setting his sights on a 2001 Honda Accord.

The boy jumped on the car, “smashing the front windshield.” He then began “jumping on the roof smashing it in.” The auto was “severely damaged,” noted cops who estimated the monetary loss at $1000.

The child was arrested for assault and vandalism, both misdemeanors, and transported to Dayton’s Juvenile Justice Center. (2 pages)