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Outwit. Outplay. Outlitigate.

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Outwit. Outplay. Outlitigate.

Kenniff Response

We'll be honest with you, TSG's enthusiasm for "Survivor" took a big hit last week when those savages body bagged poor, cute, helpless Colleen. That being said, we've barely pulled ourselves together to offer tidbits about the next two victims of the evil Rudy-Sue-Rich cabal:

1) Is there a more interesting TV personality than our girl Kelly Wiglesworth? The 23-year-old's wanted in North Carolina on a 1995 warrant. Then, 27 days into her marriage, she gets popped in Vegas in 1997 for assaulting her husband, who, for some reason, gave police a phony name. Now it turns out that Kelly and hubby Rene Esteves (married on her 20th birthday) filed this joint divorce petition in January 1998, seven months after Wiglesworth became a June bride. But that's not the interesting part. Turns out that since Wiglesworth and Esteves, who drafted their own court documents, never bothered--over an 18-month period--to follow up by setting a trial date or submitting additional papers, a Nevada district judge up and dismissed the dormant case last August. Kelly's CBS bio lists her marital status as "single." (6 pages)

2) In other litigation news, we're happy to report that Sean Kenniff, the wimpiest of the final five "Survivor" contestants, has just settled a lawsuit filed against him following a January 1997 auto accident in the scenic Bronx, New York (terms of the settlement have not been disclosed). One Maria Vizcarrondo sued when the auto in which she was riding got struck by Kenniff's car. For his part, Kenniff argued that Vizcarrondo's injuries occurred because she wasn't wearing a seat belt. But TSG's favorite Kenniff legal tactic involved him asking for details of Vizcarrondo's welfare status. Here's her lawyer's frosty response to that request. (3 pages)