Pervy Billionaire Agreed To Plea Deal

Police report says Epstein had okayed deal in underage sex probe

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Cops: Pervy Billionaire Agreed To Plea Deal

JULY 27--Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, now ensnared in a sleazy Palm Beach teenage sex/massage scandal, agreed earlier this year to plead guilty to an aggravated assault charge, serve five years probation, undergo "psychiatric/sexual evaluation," and have no unsupervised visits with minors, according to a police report.

The details of the Epstein plea agreement--which was never finalized--are contained in an 87-page Palm Beach Police Department incident report, an excerpt of which you'll find here.

According to an account by Detective Joseph Recarey, prosecutor Lana Belohlavek related to him the terms of the Epstein deal during an April 17 meeting in her West Palm Beach office. Recarey reported that Belohlavek, chief of the prosecutor's crimes against children unit, told him that Epstein had accepted the plea deal via criminal attorney Guy Fronstin (who has since been replaced). Belohlavek, according to Recarey, played for him a voicemail message from Fronstin in which the lawyer "agreed to the deal" and requested that investigators "call off the grand jury as they would accept this deal."

It is unclear why the plea bargain was not formally struck at that point, but the report indicates that police investigators--who anticipated five felony counts being lodged against Epstein--were incensed at what they clearly viewed as a sweetheart prosecution offer.

A subsequent report notes that, in mid-May, Epstein was again offered the plea deal via his new counsel and that Belohlavek "was waiting for their answer." Last November, when Fronstin told cops that he would not make Epstein available for an interview, he passed on the information that his client was "very passionate about massages" and had them frequently because the rubs were "therapeutic and spiritually sound for him."

The police report adds that Fronstin said Epstein "allegedly donated over $100,000 to the Ballet of Florida for massages." The West Palm Beach-based dance company's web site lists Epstein as donating in excess of $10,000 (but less than $25,000) for the 2006-07 season.

Epstein was arrested Sunday on a single felony count of soliciting prostitution. His alleged modus operandi--which involved underage girls, sex toys, and massage oils with names like "Joy Jelly"--is detailed in a just-released probable cause affidavit. (3 pages)