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Peter Buck & Bruce's Bucks

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Peter Buck & Bruce's Bucks

Springsteen Foundation

New records from two of our favorite musicians:

1) As you may have heard, British authorities have charged that R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck went on a booze-fueled rampage on a flight to London in April, a trip that ended with him in handcuffs and facing assault and drunkenness charges. What you'll find here is the highly amusing opening statement delivered last week (November 12) by Edward Lewis, who is handling Buck's prosecution in the Isle worth Crown Court (TSG parted with some serious quid for this transcript, we'll have you know). Since it's rather lengthy, we're presenting the transcript as a PDF, as opposed to our usual scans. Our favorite part is when Lewis recounts how an addled Buck mistook a food cart for a CD player and tried to insert a disc. And the yoghurt action is also priceless. (CLICK HERE)

2) For more than ten years, Bruce Springsteen has quietly paid for desperately needed repairs for hundreds of "low income homeowners living in New Jersey communities," according to IRS records obtained by TSG. Operating behind the scenes of the THE Foundation, Springsteen, 52, has made grants totaling $1,032,218 over the past decade. The foundation's 2000 tax return lists grants to 16 families (for a total of $119,728) for "House Repairs--Needy Family." Grants are "mostly limited" to $10,000 awards, and requests are handled by Jim McDuffie, a longtime Springsteen friend and fellow South Jersey resident. Those applying for help--or receiving grants--are not told of the identity of their secret benefactor. (5 pages)