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Probation Report Details Winona's Drug Use

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Probation Report Details Winona's Drug Use

Winona Probation pages 16-27

This is the probation report prepared in connection with today's (12/6) sentencing of Winona Ryder for her conviction last month on grand theft and vandalism charges. Along with biographical information and details of the criminal case against Ryder, the document includes a remarkably detailed accounting of the actress's drug use. According to the probation report which you'll find below, Ryder received prescription painkillers from 20 different doctors, including Jules Lusman, a Santa Monica physician whose license was revoked today by California state regulators (the Ryder probation report notes that Lusman was being investigated for overprescribing drugs "to his patients, many of them celebrities"). A Beverly Hills detective is quoted in the probation report as saying that he suspected Ryder "has a drug problem" and did not want to "find her slumped over in a car with a needle in her arm." The report also includes hearsay information received by Beverly Hills cops that Ryder, 31, had been involved in prior shoplifting incidents, including an alleged caper in which Ryder and "a famous female rock star" had boosted clothing following a fashion show. We'll let you know when Courtney Love files the defamation lawsuit. (27 pages)

Due to the report's length, we've broken it into two parts, with the first 15 pages below (along with a link to the second part.)

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Pages 16-27