Shaq's & Rodman's Personal Fouls

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Shaq's & Rodman's Personal Fouls

Dennis Rodman Alleged Groping

While we're big hoops fans, The Smoking Gun is concerned that the NBA settlement will be bad for our business. With games, practices, and extensive travel, will players still have time to trigger lawsuits and criminal complaints? Here are two legal matters that surfaced during the lockout. Here you'll find Orange County Sheriff's reports of a recent incident involving Shaquille O'Neal and a Florida woman. Kim Grant claims the Laker center--on the prowl for "some white girls"--manhandled her during a confrontation at, of all places, Disney World. (4 pages)

Or you can click here for an excerpt from a lawsuit filed recently against Dennis Rodman. Los Angeles cocktail waitress Susan Patterson alleges that The Worm is guilty of illegal use of the hands. (4 pages)