Stalking, Choking, & Pandering

Here's something for everyone:

1) Hey, if you're pissed at your ex, stay away from that Schmidt's beer--it's the devil's nectar. As this Washington Superior Court affidavit shows, the brew might have triggered this 54-year-old woman's northwest nuttiness. (4 pages)

2) Funny, a Wisconsin bowling alley seems the perfect place to crank some Eminem with impunity. But that wasn't the case recently when 18-year-old Lucas Cofta allegedly choked a 12-year-old Slim Shady fan, according to this felony criminal complaint. (2 pages)

3) Yeah, President Bill Clinton's decision to tap America's strategic petroleum reserve had nothing to do with boosting Al Gore's chances in November (keep telling yourself that). Here's the September 13 memo treasury secretary Lawrence H. Summers sent Clinton opposing the White House's oily escapade. (2 pages)