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Teens Used Skull As Bong

Police arrest trio for digging up corpse at Houston-area cemetery

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Teens Used Skull As Bong

MAY 9--By now you've probably heard about the trio of Texas teenagers who allegedly dug up a corpse, severed its head, and then used the skull as a makeshift bong.

Well, here's the probable cause affidavit memorializing the bizarre details of the mid-March desecration which occurred in a cemetery in Humble, a city north of Houston.

Police this week learned of the sickening incident while investigating an unrelated credit card theft allegedly pulled off by the three defendants, each of whom was arrested Wednesday and charged with abusing a corpse, a misdemeanor. Kevin Jones (left) and Matthew Gonzalez, both 17, posed for the mug shots you'll find above. Court records identify the third grave desecrator as Matthew Rule, 16.

The May 7 probable cause affidavit, filed in Harris County District Court, does not indicate why the teens dug up the body of Willie Simms, a child who reportedly died in the 1920s. (2 pages)