Virginia Tech Killer's Bizarre eBay Purchases

Gunman bought 37 rubber duckies in 2006 online auctions

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Virginia Tech Killer's Bizarre eBay Purchases

APRIL 22--In addition to purchasing ammunition clips on eBay, Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui last year bought an assortment of rubber duckies via the online auction giant.

That's right, the mass murderer paid a total of $21.50 in two February 2006 auctions that netted him three dozen small squeaking toy ducks and one giant rubber duck. Cho, using his eBay handle "blazers5505," purchased the items on successive days from an Illinois dealer who appears to specialize in the yellow bathtub items.

On the following pages are screen captures of the eBay duck auctions won by Cho. Both pages remain archived on the auction site, though most of the killer's eBay activity--which apparently began in 2004--has, over time, been deleted from the site. It is unclear, of course, why the sullen lunatic needed the novelty items. (2 pages)