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Wesley Snipes: Safe At Home

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Wesley Snipes: Safe At Home

Puffy Charity

1) Phew! For a moment there we thought Wesley Snipes was about to become homeless. On February 22, Chase Manhattan filed this lawsuit to foreclose on a mortgage for the actor's 7000 square-foot home in a gated community near Orlando, Florida (neighbors include Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal, and Ken Griffey Jr.) . According to the bank, Snipes was in default because he hadn't made payments in about five months (Chase wanted 664 grand, which represented unpaid principal,interest, late charges, and legal fees). But it seems the lawsuit got the desired result--Snipes made good on the overdue payments, had his loan reinstated, and Chase shelved its lawsuit on March 20. TSG, for one,is relieved. (4 pages)

2) Now that he's out of the dock, we suggest that Sean "Puffy" Combs turn his attention to this March 15 demand from New York State's attorney general. Seems that Puffy's charity, Daddy's House Social Programs, has yet to provide a copy of his group's 1999 tax return (as required by state law). The AG's delinquency notice gives Puffy 30 days to produce the financial information or risk fines or possible cancellation of his group's charity registration. But that maximum $1000 penalty (in Puffy math that equals 5.23 bottles of Cristal) can't be scaring the multimillionaire. (1 page)