What's In A Name, Bucket

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What's In A Name, Bucket

In bio hazard news:

1) As you may have heard, the folks in Cumberland County, North Carolina are moving to change the name of that area's "Anthrax Street" to something a bit more patriotic. As these county memos show, the street--part of a mid-90s subdivision--will likely be rechristened in light of the ongoing bioterrorism attacks. Which got TSG to wondering whether Rhode Islanders might want to rethink the West Kingston street known as "Small Pox Trail" (we've included a page from the local tax assessment roll showing the name). The street, home to about two dozen families, has been around 150 years and got its name because a local man who lived there opened his home to patients afflicted with smallpox. (3 pages)

2) As if they don't already have enough to worry about, here's what some poor Michigan postal workers had to recently endure at the crazed hands of one James Beal. The disgruntled worker now faces federal assault charges. (3 pages)