White Claw Outlaw Collared By Officers

Nebraska man threw can of spiked seltzer at cops

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White Claw Law

JUNE 16--Turns out there are laws when throwing Claws.

In an attempt to avoid arrest, a Nebraska suspect tossed a can of the popular hard seltzer at cops who sought to collar him for pulling a knife on a hotel employee.

According to police, Matthew Stinson, 36, had threatened Sunday afternoon to “kill multiple times” while in the lobby of the Luxury Inn in Lincoln. Stinson, who was holding a knife, allegedly threatened to murder a clerk at the hotel (where he had been staying).

Stinson “also made comments about hurting others” as he departed the hotel, cops say. By the time Lincoln Police Department officers arrived, Stinson had fled the area.

When Stinson was located about six hours later, he became “agitated” and threw a can of White Claw at police “and took off running.” The spiked sparkling water, however, missed its targets and Stinson was apprehended after a short foot chase.

Pictured above, Stinson was carrying a pocketknife when placed in custody. He was charged with resisting arrest, use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony, and making terroristic threats. Stinson is being held in the Lancaster County jail in lieu of $20,000 bond.

Despite the popularity of the declaration that there "Ain't no laws when drinking Claws," multiple law enforcement agencies have pointed out that is not a viable defense for offenses committed while under the influence of the alcoholic seltzer. (1 page)