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Plea Deal For Flier Who Peed Inside Aircraft

Colorado man, 46, was busted for in-flight antics

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In-Flight Pee Plea

OCTOBER 22--A Colorado man who groped a female passenger and then urinated on a seat inside a Frontier Airlines jet has agreed to a plea deal in connection with his in-flight antics, according to court records.

Michael Allen Haag, 46, was arrested in late-May after the plane he was traveling on from Denver landed in South Carolina.

According to an FBI affidavit, Haag was drinking double vodka and tonics aboard Flight F9864 while en route to Charleston, where he claimed to be meeting up with an old girlfriend.

During the trip, Haag first pestered a woman seated next to him with personal questions and kept looking at her “chest and legs as she was wearing a tank top and shorts.” He told the woman that he was “physically excited” to rendezvous with his former flame.

Haag, who was in a middle seat, then turned his attention to a female passenger seated on his other side. He was accused of touching the sleeping woman’s fingers and then her legs, which prompted the passenger to yell, “Stop touching me.”

After the woman--who is identified by the initials “M.K.” in court filings--summoned a flight attendant, Haag was moved to a seat in the plane’s last row.

While in the rear of the aircraft, Haag unfastened his seatbelt “and started urinating on the seat in front of him.” As Haag relieved himself on the seat (as seen above), a third female passenger photographed him and then alerted flight attendants, who responded by shuttling Haag to the front of the plane.

Haag was named in a U.S. District Court complaint charging him with interfering with a flight crew, a felony, and a misdemeanor indecent exposure count.

Since his arrest five months ago, Haag (seen at left) has been free on $25,000 bond, with release conditions including his agreement to “refrain from the use of any alcohol.”

As part of a plea deal, federal prosecutors this month filed a criminal information charging Haag with a reduced count of misdemeanor assault (for his groping of “M.K.”).

A court docket does not indicate when Haag’s change of plea hearing will occur and his lawyers did not return TSG e-mails or phone calls seeking comment about the plea agreement. (4 pages)