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The Bush-Lay Letters

Correspondence suggests chummy President-Enron boss relationship

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The Bush-Lay Letters

JULY 8--With the FBI slapping handcuffs on Kenneth Lay this morning, let's take a stroll down memory lane, when the disgraced former Enron boss wasn't under indictment and had a cozy pen pal relationship with George W. Bush. Below you'll find an assortment of correspondence exchanged during the years Bush was governor of Texas and Lay ran the Houston-based energy giant. The letters, released by the Texas state archives in response to Freedom of Information requests, touch on personal matters like Bush's knee surgery, Christmas gifts, birthday greetings, and even a Lay heads-up regarding a Thomas Friedman story about globalization. Enron, in case anyone forgot, was Bush's biggest Lone Star political contributor. (8 pages)

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two friends writing each other . big deal. what was the reason for writing this //?