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Of Stockyards And Stock Cars

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Of Stockyards And Stock Cars

Here's a daily double:

1) VIDEO SPECIAL: With foot-and-mouth fear spiraling, we dug up this 1950s newsreel report on an outbreak of the disease in central Canada. Once again, when faced with a dirty task, just call in the Mounties:

2) We're huge NASCAR fans here at TSG--stock car racing just appeals to our outlaw, anti-authoritarian nature. So imagine our dismay when we discovered that late NASCAR founder William France, Sr. was in bed with the man, specifically the FBI. Despite a 1946 bust for conspiring to violate wartime rationing laws, the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the bureau's Jacksonville field office once sought to have FBI headquarters approve France as a confidential "SAC contact" since his business connections were of great value to Florida agents. While these FBI memos, released pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, do not record HQ's final decision, it's unlikely that France's prized "higher echelon" contacts went untapped. (5 pages)