DOCUMENT: Evidence, Investigation

Tobacco And Teenagers

Internal RJ Reynolds documents on targeting youth market

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Smoke Tobacco, Be Masculine

The Hilton Head Manifesto

Lucky Number 13

Meet The Turk

Promoting Poison

Like every other tobacco pusher, RJ Reynolds wants to get you addicted at a young age. That's because most nicotine junkies will buy cigarettes for decades, until they die at an early age from cancer, lung disease, or other ailments.

This collection of internal RJR documents focuses on the company's efforts to cultivate (and cash in on) the youth market, a predatory campaign that included the introduction of the cartoonish, and kid-friendly, Joe Camel character.

These records were released in January by Representative Henry Waxman, one of Washington's leading anti-tobacco activists. "The tactics revealed in these documents are shameful," said Senator Edward Kennedy, and prove "the tobacco industry has been cynically and intentionally targeting children for 20 years."

Further proving that Joe Camel's a despicable hump, these documents include:

Smoke Camel, Be Masculine (5 pages)

The Hilton Head Manifesto (11 pages)

Lucky Number 13 (1 page)

Meet The Turk (1 page)

Promoting Poison (1 page)