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Cops: Hooker Wanted Beanie Baby From John

Woman nabbed after barter offer to undercover

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Beenie Baby Barter

OCTOBER 27--A Florida woman was arrested Wednesday evening after allegedly offering to perform a sex act on a cop in exchange for cash and a Beanie Baby doll, according to a court filing.

Police allege that Karen Robinson, 51, entered the undercover officer’s vehicle around 11 PM as the cop pulled over on a St. Petersburg street.

During a conversation that followed, Robinson “negotiated to perform oral sex” on the cop in exchange for $5 and a “Beenie Baby teddy bear.” A criminal complaint does not indicate whether the officer was already in possession of the Beenie Baby or was somehow expected to procure the doll pre-fellatio.

Following her arrest, Robinson “denied engaging in prostitution activity.”

Pictured above, Robinson was charged with prostitution, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. She was released on her own recognizance after spending 14 hours in custody.

Robinson was convicted earlier this year of possession of drug paraphernalia and exposure of sexual organs. (1 page)