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Man, 76, Shot Wife In Butt Over Lack of Sex

Cops: Perp angry over failure to consummate union

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Wife Shot In Butt

FEBRUARY 9--Angered that he had yet to consummate his six-month-old marriage, a 76-year-old Florida man allegedly shot his new bride in the buttocks, according to police who arrested the septuagenarian for felony domestic violence.

Donald Royce, pictured at right, was arrested Saturday night after firing a pair of shots at his 62-year-old spouse in the bedroom of the couple’s Lehigh Acres residence. He is being held in the Lee County jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Royce "explained that they have been married since August and together they have not consummated their marriage,” according to a probable cause statement prepared by a police detective. “Donald became violently angry tonight due to his requesting sex with his wife and her refusing.”

During questioning by cops, Royce said that he had been arguing with his wife about their sleeping arrangements when he decided to fire into the bed to scare her. But Royce said he missed the mattress, instead striking the victim in the hip and buttocks.

“Donald then stated he only wanted to shoot the mattress but was upset when he realized he had shot his wife,” an investigator noted. When sheriff’s deputies first arrived at his home, Royce declared, “I shot her and the gun is in my room.”

Royce’s wife was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital, where she was treated and later released. A judge has ordered Royce to have no contact with his spouse.

Royce and his wife--who had been together for six years--were wed in August 2016 at the county clerk’s office in Fort Myers. (3 pages)