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Man Charged For 911 Calls About Tiny Clams

Seafood fan upset clams were "extremely so small"

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Tiny Clams

DECEMBER 22--A man upset that he was served “extremely” small clams at a Florida seafood restaurant twice called 911 to complain, according to cops who cited the diner for misuse of the emergency system.

Nelson Agosto, a 51-year-old tow truck driver, was on his lunch break Monday when he stopped into Crabby’s Seafood Shack in Stuart. Agosto told TSG that he had previously dined at Crabby’s twice. While his first meal was “excellent,” Agosto said, he thought the clams were small during his second visit.

Since he was “dying to eat some clams,” Agosto decided to give Crabby’s another shot. But after paying $12 for a plate of clams, he asked for his money back when presented with an array of tiny clams that had “nothing in the shell.” When his request for a refund was rebuffed, Agosto--who said he did not consume any of the raw clams--called 911.

Agosto told the police operator that he was “calling for an officer” because his order from Crabby’s “was extremely so small.” The operator then cut off Agosto and told him he had to call on a non-emergency line. After being provided that number, Agosto again called 911, which resulted in a misdemeanor charge being filed against the seafood fan.

Agosto, who is scheduled for a January 11 court appearance, said that he did not intend to misuse the emergency system, adding that “I didn’t know the rules for 911.” (1 page)